January, 2018 New Moon

cropped-girl-writing-in-a-diary-picjumbo-com.jpgAlthough we are still in the energy of Capricorn, the new moon to full moon cycle will take us into the golden sign of Aquarius. When I implemented the lunar planning cycle, I was overwhelmed with wanting to do so many things and uncertain how to pick what to do first. One thing I knew for sure, my January laundry list of goals seemed attainable and manageable until I tried to put the many of them into practice. Some didn’t make it past the first day.

One approach to deciding what project to start is an excellent old-fashioned project management approach. When companies are choosing what plan to work on first, often the smaller projects that may not seem significant get first attention. Why? Because they are the fixes that the customer is going to notice first. What change or project will be something that you can use for motivation to move forward? Need to organise your entrance way?

I attempt to make the new moon sacred. I have been intending to use Danielle LaPorte’s cleansing bath ritual but keep forgetting – it is in my planner to do it this new moon! Her mixture is 2-3 cups of Himalayan salt (or Epsom), 1-2 cups of apple cider vinegar, 12 drops of lavender. Ha! Remember when I said I would never suggest you take a bath! Insert ‘fuck it’ sticker here!

I always light a candle and meditate on my desires and thoughts on the path I need to be following.  Fire is an integral part of my process, but it may not be yours. Fire is energy and life, it is unforgiving but also protective. The same candle will burn the page that I will write out my ideas, thoughts, and goals for the next two weeks.

My friend Jen joked that we can have two weeks off the diet this way. I think it is safe to say, eating well should be part of our life every day. I struggle with it and have been a member of Weight Watchers for 23 years on and off. Food is what goes into my ‘Journal what I need” space.

The idea to use the sun sign energy each month came from Christina from Radiant Astrology it is a suggestion only but may help decide where to start.

The energy that comes from Aquarius is innovative, idealistic, pragmatic, community-based, humanitarian, science led and fun. They are quirky visionaries who dream up grand schemes. It is a fixed sign which is always good for considering goals. One thing Aquarius folk dislike is drama

I am curious about what is on your new year’s goal or resolution list.

Here are some questions you can ask to get started in thinking of what you want to achieve in this lunar cycle:

  • What am I ready to share?
  • Where do I need balance?
  • What mastery am I ready to begin?
  • Are there outstanding responsibilities I have been putting off?
  • Is my money in order?
  • Who have I not been spending enough time with?
  • Who robs me of my energy?
  • Does an area of my community need my help?
  • Am I having enough fun?
  • Am I saying fuck it enough?

Come on over to The Facebook Group to let us know what your first lunar plans are going to be.


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