Brave Connection to the Beloved

February brings images of Cupid and that little fucker’s legendary bow, boxed candy, flowers, greeting cards and overpriced dinners for at least two weeks of the month. Valentine’s either gives you happy shivers or the uncontrollable urge to gag.

I admit I love the idea of Valentine’s Day. I think a day to celebrate love is simply lovely. Should we show affection all the other days? Absolutely.

This single girl is not going to ramble on about lovers and divine connection. This post is about the most essential beloved. Our first love, our self.  We all know the oxygen mask reasoning for self-care and survival. There is no denying the truth there, with that idea in mind, I am challenging you, inviting you to go deeper. With true self-love and awareness comes the ability to receive genuine love and feel it without question, appreciate it, and nurture it. The core purpose of The Blue Glass Journal is to connect to who we are and live fully to the best of our ability in our real life that often is messy and maybe out of control.

I am suggesting one of the hardest challenges you will face. And I invite you to do it with love and intention, as well as bravery because you probably have never been here before.

Starting February 1, which happens to be an incredibly powerful feminine energy day as the start of Imbolic (a two-day celebration of the quickening of the Goddess promising new life in preparation of spring ), I ask you to every day, not missing a day, write one different thing that you love and appreciate about yourself. No repeats. No skipping days. Every single day. One piece of you. Identify it, name it, feel it, connect to it each day for the entire month.

I invite you to look at your whole being, your physical, emotional, spiritual, sexual, the hidden and forgotten. All the parts that make you the beautiful, complicated woman you are.

The Blue Glass Journal has a great deal of focus on gratitude. I don’t have to be gifted to guess that your journal has others as your gratitude points and not your own attributes. The research I did for the journal unquestionably showed me the benefits of feeling true gratitude in our lives. The list is long; happiness, satisfaction, increased serotonin, stronger health, stronger social relationships, deeper committed relationships, less stress, the list is long.

Continue the gratitude practice and add this one piece in, imagine what could happen at the end of 28 days of introspection of self.  The beloved is calling.

Updated to add the pdf if you don’t want to add it to the journal or are not using the journal. Connecting to the Beloved (1)


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