Your Love Story – February New Moon

Maybe I am feeling the effects the emotional high of all the lovers from Valentine’s Day yesterday.  I usually like to focus on the new moon for the upcoming period but this month, I find it really important to focus on what is happening right now, as a start for our next two week period. The journal asks us to consider what we can do about the wishy-washy areas in our life, feel free to go in any direction you like.

The more I learn about the transits and important astrological dates the more I consider getting the proper education for a better understanding, this shit fascinates me! From what I understand, this solar eclipse in Aquarius is pretty significant to our love life and critical new beginnings. We are going to feel the elevation.

This is like lunar moonshine!

Mostly, this solar eclipse is a story – a new moon/opening/portal/bright new beginning – and this one is about relationships – your love story. It feels like a somewhat auspicious time to do the work for what we want, and be willing to imagine an ending different than the one we had previously believed, the brand new chapter that we have been dreaming about but uncertain of, is possible. For our happily ever after, we need a solid once upon a time. Remember, work in a two week period can be work that sets up our future, six months from now, maybe even years from now.

What has been brewing in your heart? What of the impossible feat? How are you going to make this happen? What steps can you take in the next two week period to get your ‘once upon a time’ started?


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