Money Minding March

When I was planing March, I was faced with an ongoing challenge, where do I start? Because this piece is new to me, and there is so much I want to explore and share from the journal with you, it is hard to know where to start because I am excited about everything. I did what I do best, put the training hat on and designed a map for the full year to incorporate what I want to share in a way that feels well mapped and purposeful.

I received an email saying that ‘this works!’ in a bit of surprise and awe. It’s okay, I didn’t feel offended at all. I am not a therapist, but I am an observer, and my job as a process mapper is to learn how things are done. I studied women, a lot of women. I studied the ones who had it ‘together’ (not really) and the ones who were the hot messes (my category), and I asked a lot of questions. I put the answers together, created a plan and put it into practice. It got me out of bed, for good!

Money disconnect was a connection of most of the stuck women I interviewed. The women with money and the women who felt they were lacking in cash. The truth was, even the women with money felt lacking or disconnected from it. Only six of us (I was not one of them) knew how much money we really spent and had.

When we are fearful or avoiding money, we disconnect in other ways without even thinking about it. We spend to feel in control, instead of saving to BE in control. We eat more junk – avoidance. We lie to ourselves and our partners. There is so much fear.


Money is our quiet killer. It is the root of all evil. Truth sister. Money sucks. And, when we have that idea of money, we really need to examine it. I will explore this more on the last day of March. This challenge is to just observe it. Observe it coming in, going out, and how you feel. If any feelings come up, track them next to the expense. If you give up after one day, you definitely need this. If you have unopened envelopes piled up, you need this, if you have a spouse that keeps care of all the money, you REALLY need this. Fuck. You are reading this, you need it. Do it.

I don’t have a pdf for you for this one, it may be best to get a small pocket journal, the wee one with the paper cover because you want this one in your wallet or close to your money. Keep a pen handy or, if you are an end of day tracker, an envelope to keep receipts.

Track every penny in and every penny out. Use all your truth for this one.


Also, track all the invisible money. The coffee dates where a pal pays. Money is energy. We want to examine that too.

This is a technique that I learned from both Kate Northrup and Denise DT. Two women who know money energy well! I took Kate’s Money Love course, and I HIGHLY recommend it.


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