Happy New Astro Year

The new moon (yesterday) signalled the start of the new year, in a couple days we will see the balancing of the seasons with the Spring Equinox. There is a lot of new beginnings this week. This new moon asks for us to commit to the most important and meaningful tasks on our lists. It asks us to stay focused to beat overwhelm and work towards some slow, peaceful summer dreaming.

This is an excellent time to take notes, go deep (in those pieces waters) go where it may be uncomfortable, possibly where we have been careful to stay away from. Remember, we are more than what hurts us, we are more than what has caused us to harm others. Each time we brave our wilderness (thanks, Brene Brown) we show ourselves compassion and each time we go there, we grow stronger, letting go of what has held us captive.

Once we let go, life becomes less complicated, less challenging, frankly, less sad. The problem is, being sad becomes comfortable after long enough, and even the idea of leaving the comfort of sadness can be terrifying. Get some proper counselling if you are at that place, it is okay to ask for help. Asking for help is the bones of this blue glass community.

This does not replace therapy if needed. My method to help get started is:

  1. Tell the story that keeps coming back. The one that hurt us the most, the drunken mess we repeat every time we are loaded. Write it out in as much detail as possible. No editing, no judgement, just write it out.
  2. Burn it, scatter the ashes in your garden. If you are not comfortable burning, soak it overnight until all the ink is unreadable. Shred it into your garden (it may become part of a birds nest) and let it become part of the earth.

Every shit thing (and all the glorious moments but who needs to overcome those?) that you have experienced really has made you who you are, it is not an overused cliche. But it doesn’t define you. Only you do that, rise above that shit to make yourself a warrior in your life, wear those scars in the form of success in all you do. One thing I have learned, one practice is not going to take away years of pain. But it starts the work. OR, it contributes to and finishes the work if you have been working on it for a long time.

All beginnings start from an ending.


Try to work on what you need most for your new beginnings. What are you called to work on so you can be strongest? Is it your job, home, body, spirituality? What is calling you? In a few months, when you want to bask in summer glow and work a little less, what will make it the most peaceful and enjoyable for you?

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