Need a Do Over?

This new moon is in Aries, and we move forward into Taurus. I think this is a significant period for projects of importance. Aries is the starter they have so much energy to spare that when you see an Aries in action, it is like watching an exorcism, that shit is powerful.  Taurus is the keep the eye on the prize kind of energy. Together they get shit done.

It’s no secret, you have to do the hard work. No matter what the work is for you. We are not Disney characters who get fairy godmothers to come along to do it for us. No matter how solid our circle is, not one of these souls was put on this earth to do our work for us. Our hearts, bodies, souls, and minds are our own responsibility.

Last year when I was writing the journal I put everything to practice. Everything was coming together. Then, I got to where I was going and I let things start to slip. This endless winter and political nightmare climate only contribute to that stuck feeling. Luckily, we are in a period that is a fresh slate for moving forward. I am starting from basics this new moon. I am the project.

I am going back to the basics of the Blue Glass Journal which are:

  • Gratitude
  • Movement
  • Money Awareness
  • Journaling every day
  • Following the new moon and full moon cycles

But before that, I need to return to home. I found it last year for the first time in 48 years. I didn’t fully move in. Now, I need to move in.

Like all projects, when we feel overwhelmed we don’t follow through. Here are the steps any good project manager follows:

  • Project Initiation
  • Project Planning
  • Project Execution
  • Project Monitor and Control
  • Project Closure

Why yes, that is boring as fuck. And, here is the thing, when you are the project, is there ever closure? Yes, with the understanding that there is always something new. Let’s break it down again.

  • Where to start, so many options
  • How are you going to start
  • How the fuck are you going to keep the momentum (hardest stage)
  • How to determine if this is working
  • Goal reached

This is why we need to view every goal in achievable stages or we quit. “I want to lose fifty pounds” starts with “whoo hoo I have this!” which turns into “I lost twenty pounds!” which often (according to stats on weight loss is the point where we give up) turns into “I can’t keep doing this”. When we start with an attainable stage one, changing a dietary challenge, adding exercise, adding another stage…it becomes a lifelong change.

You can start where ever you need. I invite you to start or revisit your personal value statement.

Who are you? That question either makes you stand tall or freak the fuck out.

So, who are you?

Unsure? Stay tuned for tomorrow and I will show you how to solidify this important awareness. Once this is solid, everything else is easy to focus on.pexels-photo-58457.jpeg


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